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Facing criminal charges can be terrifying and confusing – turn to us to be there for you and help guide you through this difficult situation.

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Is the bail amount that has been decided appropriate for your charges? Are you facing several days in jail or just a few hours? These and others are questions you need to answer when deciding on whether to post bail.

If you have never been in jail before, you may not know the answers and may have difficulty making an educated decision about your bail. If you need help deciding whether you should post a bond or just wait it out, give us a call.

You can get FREE bail advice 24 hours a day so we can help you decide the best path for your situation.

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Judges are not following hard and fast rules when it comes to the bail amount they decide in most situations. Rather, they are making these decisions based on the information that they have and the impression they get from the situation.

When you step into the courtroom for your bail hearing, don’t do it alone. Give us a call and let our attorney come represent you. Appropriate legal representation may be able to reduce the bail amount you are facing – helping you SAVE on your fee.

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